Cat Sitting Services in Dallas, TX

You may be thinking, “Doesn’t cat sitting fall under the umbrella of pet sitting?”  And you’d be right.  It does.  However, anyone who’s ever lived with a cat knows cats deserve their own page!

Unlike dogs, cats don’t do well in unfamiliar settings so boarding isn’t a good option for a cat.  Putting a cat in a kennel where they can hear other cats meowing and dogs barking isn’t going to make for a happy cat.  Cats don’t like change.  Of course, they’re very curious but they need to do things at their own pace.  Put a cat in new surrounding—even a new home you’ve moved to that has your furniture—and it takes awhile for them to adjust and feel comfortable.  But once they’ve settled in, they’ll rule your new house just like they did your last home.

Cats are known for their unique personalities.  Some cats are very social while others will tolerate you living in their house as long as you feed them well.  Some cats love to be groomed while others may take a swat at you after just a few strokes.  And, when it comes to eating, cats are famous for being finicky.  They may turn their nose up at the same dish they loved that morning.

Cat sitting rate is $25 per visit and includes 1-2 pets. Additional pets are $2 per pet.

Our cat sitters understand cats.  We know how to read them.  And we know how to make them happy.

So, whether you have a grey tabby who runs to her favorite hiding spot when someone knocks on the door or a Bombay who loves to greet every visitor and then stays in their business the whole time their at your house (That describes our two cats!).  Or maybe you have a cat who loves to play in the faucet or one who runs away when you simply turn it on.  Or a cat who takes its medicine like a champ or spits it out a few times before finally swallowing it.  Or perhaps you have a cat who loves you to play with her with interactive toys or one who looks bored with it all.

It doesn’t matter because our cat sitters have taken care of them all and we can’t wait to provide loving care when you’re not there for the cats in your life!

Benefits of Having a Professional Cat Sitter

  • Your cat(s) stay in their familiar surroundings where they are most comfortable and feel safe
  • Reduces their stress level (Boarding is extremely stressful for cats)
  • Litter boxes are cleaned and maintained
  • We groom them (If they like it!)
  • We play with them (If they’re willing!)
  • We clean up any “hairballs” they may have left for you
  • You come home to a happy cat!
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