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We have been providing the Dallas area with in-home pet sitting services since 2000 and are committed to providing our client’s pets with the same love and care we give to our own pets. Our service is a great alternative to boarding or daycare.Read more

Loving Care When
You're Not There
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It’s more than just our motto, it’s our promise to you.  We know how difficult it is to leave your furry kids when you travel or even just go to work each day.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pets—as well as your home—are being cared for by a reliable, professional pet sitter who will strive to maintain your pets’ regular routine.Read more

A Question Everyone
Should Ask Their Pet SItter


Do you advertise your services on your cars? It’s a simple question with big implications. Most pet sitting clients are away from home when we visit their pets. That’s why they hire a professional, in-home pet sitter to care for their pets and their home. But, when a pet sitting company advertises their services on their cars, they're not just advertising their services. They're also advertising the fact that their clients are most likely not home and may even be out of town.Read more